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01EX was founded in 2001 by Andrew MacLaren, a passionate craftsman with a sharp eye for detail. Andrew wanted to create a company that focused on high quality build for exhibitions and interior environmental projects, delivered on time and within budget.

From the company’s inception, our approach has been simple; design great spaces, build to a high standard and offer great service. We have grown our business greatly, through recommendations and winning designs, and we feel proud of each project we execute. We continue to strive to always achieve the highest standards, which our business was founded on.

We work in a thoroughly modern way, making use of the best of specialist production equipment, partnering with specialists, when it comes to interactive digital features, and using hands-on global insights to support our creative process.

The team is made up of creative environmental and retail designers, insights and strategy planners, in house project production managers and the manufacturing and build craftsmen. Together we deliver exhibition, retail and interior projects for brands and agencies across the world.


Creative Design

  • Insights driven creative strategy
  • Concept design
  • Event digital design
  • 3D Rendering
  • Technical drawings
  • Environmental walkthroughs
  • Artworking


  • Production project management
  • Project planning
  • Budget planning
  • Exhibitor manual management
  • AV Management
  • On-site management


  • UK production workshop
  • In house graphics output
  • In house CNC Spray shop
  • Stock structure hire
  • Furniture hire
  • Digital development & build

Logistics & Install

  • Dedicated transport fleet
  • International logistics management
  • In house install teams
  • Onsite specialist trades
  • Logistics & Install
  • In house secure storage

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Exhibitions & Events. Indoors, Outdoors


In 2014 we built 273 stands across 4 continents. We cover everything from traditional exhibition stands at venues such as London’s ExCel & Messen (Event halls) all over Germany to installations at live events in hotels and conference facilities. 01EX has experience building in empty spaces or within the interiors of venues and specialist environments, such as airside zones at airports and portable displays in stations and shopping outlets. Our teams have the procedural experiences of installing in these environments, as well as the necessary security clearances.

We can also securely store your structure at our clean, dust free environment, ready for use at your next event. We are ESSA members ensuring that working with us, you are fully protected.

Shop Interior Design Show Room Design Rugby Box Interior Design Jaguar Show room Interior Design Interior Design

Showrooms – Offices – Museums


The attention to detail we deploy at event experiences has enabled us to diversity into creating bespoke showroom and office interiors for our clients. These vary from office reception areas to full showrooms and museum exhibit displays.

The showcase principles are always discussed in detail as the format for presentation often differs at a fixed location versus a temporary event or exhibition.

Wedding Show Sept 2011 Retail POS Cosmetic Retail POS Prada Retail Display Design & Build

Retail Displays and POS


The retail environment has changed tremendously over the last few years thanks to new ways to purchase online and on mobile. This has made the retail environment a more important touch point, allowing consumers to physically engage with products they have already researched online. Brand experience, merchandising, product storytelling and informative point of sale have never been so important. Our team have worked on delivering international rollouts of POS and Shop in Shop’s for both brands and retailers, often working with specialist retail design agencies, in order to bring their creative visions to physical life.


Great Exhibitions

Great Exhibition Blog Image

Since the Great Exhibition opened in London in 1851 people have come together to exchange ideas, promote their goods and engage with customers

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Great Exhibitions

Why some things change, but some things stay the same.

When my current company launched in 2001 we still needed a fax machine, now in 2015 the odds are you’ll be reading this post on your phone.

Yet, in spite of all the technological innovations that have happened this century alone, it’s nice to know that some things remain the same.

Since the Great Exhibition opened in London on May 1st 1851 people have come together to exchange ideas, promote their goods and engage with customers.

Back in 1851 Thomas Cook sold people the tickets to get there and Schweppes provided the refreshments; clearly, they had a great show.  I wonder; who did their marketing?

Stand design may have changed in that period, but I bet if you had been there on April 30th 1851 the scene of hundreds of contractors putting the finishing touches to the stands would have been familiar to anyone who has witnessed the organised chaos the day before any show opens.

Back then, all that was important was what was happening at the show.  Stands didn’t require electrical or internet connections and interactivity meant speaking to a bloke called either Claude or Walter and he would have had a moustache.

Your next stand has much more to do these days.  From the way it’s designed and lit to its connectivity, interactivity and the way it engages your customers.  Which is why, your choice of who to work with is so important.

Nobody knows (if they’re really honest with themselves) why some people choose to work with X over Y, the variables involved in that decision are too many to calculate.  Cost, Design, Service, Personality, Reputation and History the list goes on and on.

We know that the three most stated reasons when appointing a new supplier are design, service and price, although not necessarily in that order.

So that’s three really subjective reasons…brilliant, but let’s look at them.


Stand design

An art form and like all art forms, it’s really personal.  What one person loves, someone else will hate.  The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano is the bestselling print of all time in the UK ahead of those by Van Gogh or Rembrandt which explains why exhibition stands can all end up looking the same.  A great designer will present you with something you’ll love and that’s unique to you and your business.


Another reason people change is due to the service they’ve received.  Good, bad or indifferent.  One of the keys to our success over the years is that we treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.  Of course, things do go wrong occasionally, but the measure of great service is how well you get treated when the unexpected happens.


No matter what you do some people are only motivated by Price (Vincent or otherwise). Please do not confuse the price with how much something is worth, that’s when the real horror stories start and over the years we have been told tales that would keep most people sleeping with the lights on.

Stands should be priced on what the brief requires not who you are, the industry you are in or which brands you represent.

You’d be frightened if you knew how often that’s not the case.

A lot has changed since 1851, but the importance of having the right stand for the job hasn’t; so wherever you are in your show cycle, no matter how long you have “signed up” to work with your current stand suppliers or even if you are planning to re-use your stand yet again, how do you know if you are still getting the designs, service and value you deserve unless you check?

To experience what I can do for you email me, call me on 01922 635853 or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Moustaches optional.

Just One More Show

Just One More Show Shed Image

Gaffa tape behind the scenes can only take you so far and your failure to invest in something suitable for your business has wider implications

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Just One More Show

There comes a point when you need a new exhibition stand.

Gaffa tape (although universally acknowledged as being able to fix anything) behind the scenes can only take you so far and your failure to invest in something suitable for your business had wider implications for you and the exhibition itself.

Ask yourself this.

How likely are you to buy or consider buying a product from a stand which looks tired and tatty?  After all, how good can that product be?  They clearly don’t value it enough to market it properly.

How much value do they place in the exhibition itself if they are willing to present themselves in such a poor manner?

Those are just the two most obvious examples, but, the principal is clear.  A worn out stand speaks negative volumes about your products and the exhibition itself to the very people you and the organisers are trying hard to “attend and spend”.

Obviously, I have a vested interest, I work for a very reputable custom stand design company.

That’s almost besides the point though as a custom stand isn’t the right choice for everyone.  Although, I would be very happy to speak with you about it if you do want one.

My point is this, shows are hard but rewarding if you approach them correctly, with the right mindset and you understand what your goals are from attending.  If not, they’re just hard and you spend a couple of days wondering why you are bothering and moaning about the expense of being there.

So please, fight the urge to do “just one more show” with your stand and invest in something right for you.

Your business, your customers, the organisers and I will all thank you in the long term.

If, after all that, you would like to know more about what we do, check out the website or drop me a line.

Till then, happy exhibiting.



When Content Was King

When Content Was King Image

We often kid ourselves that the industry has changed beyond all recognition now. Stands are interactive, immersive and engaging.

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When Content Was King

During October and November 1948 Earls Court hosted the first “post war”British International Motorshow.  Notable exhibits included the ill-fated Austin A90 Atlantic, the Morris Minor and the iconic Jaguar XK120 which, some argue, launched the two seater sports car boom of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Most of the display stands had nothing more than a uniform hanging banner, some flowers and if you were really lucky a slightly raised platform floor.

Then consider that many of these cars would rust into obscurity within 18 months, were built by a highly unionised, often belligerent workforce and generally had the driving characteristics of a small barge, you begin to wonder what the fuss was all about.

You would imagine such poor production values would impact visitor numbers, yet, during its 11 day run over 560,000 people came to stare at an incredible range of cars, trucks and busses.

Back then, content really was King.

We often kid ourselves that the industry has changed beyond all recognition now.  Stands are interactive, immersive and engaging.  Marketing communications are tailored, specific and targeted at the right groups.  Organisers have re-invented their exhibitions from cold, sterile shows into events people dare not miss.  Despite all this though, there are few shows today which could command that visitor number and the British International Motorshow itself spluttered out of existence in 2008.

People have more demands on their time, there is, quite simply, more to do these days than there was in 1948 and although exhibitions are still special, they’re not perhaps quite as special as they used to be.

One thing remains true though, show content is still the glue that binds everything together.  You can have the best stand, the greatest marketing strategy and the best laid out show around; but if you don’t get the core content right, you’ll have a hard time convincing anyone to come back.

It’s easy to dismiss old shows as being anachronistic or out of touch with what people want today but back in ’48 the content reigned supreme with little regard to the surrounding aestetic; content, content, content and half a million people loved it.

Analogy Warning

The best selling sauges in the UK contains only 42% meat and alot of rusk filler; they’re sold on price and brand image more than taste whereas the best tasting sausages contain quality cuts of meat and very little (if any) rusk filler.

Alot of todays exhibitions don’t have enough meat and too much rusk, the 1948 British International Motor Show, well, that was a quality sausage.

So you have to ask yourself, what sort of sausage do you want?

Sometimes when you look back, you have an opportunity to learn the lessons of the past and use that to guide your future decisions.

Other times, you just get a stiff neck.

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Are you looking to join an exciting fast growing business working on exhibitions, interiors and retail shop fits? We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, making their projects happen.

We are always happy to receive applications for experienced exhibition / bench joiners, decorators and warehouse operatives, who are responsible, hardworking, dedicated, able to work on your own initiative and willing to work across the UK and in Europe.

Experience in exhibitions and interiors is a required, as is the ability to build from plans/technical drawings and oversee the build through to installation on-site.

Positions are ideally full time, but we are flexible if you wish for a shorter term placement.  Working hours included evenings and weekends and pay is by the hour.


Then send us your CV or give us a call on 01922 635853.