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01EX was founded in 2001 by Andrew MacLaren, a passionate craftsman with a sharp eye for detail. Andrew wanted to create a company that focused on high quality build for exhibitions and interior environmental projects, delivered on time and within budget.

From the company’s inception, our approach has been simple; design great spaces, build to a high standard and offer great service. We have grown our business greatly, through recommendations and winning designs, and we feel proud of each project we execute. We continue to strive to always achieve the highest standards, which our business was founded on.

We work in a thoroughly modern way, making use of the best of specialist production equipment, partnering with specialists, when it comes to interactive digital features, and using hands-on global insights to support our creative process.

The team is made up of creative environmental and retail designers, insights and strategy planners, in house project production managers and the manufacturing and build craftsmen. Together we deliver exhibition, retail and interior projects for brands and agencies across the world.


Creative Design

  • Insights driven creative strategy
  • Concept design
  • Event digital design
  • 3D Rendering
  • Technical drawings
  • Environmental walkthroughs
  • Artworking


  • Production project management
  • Project planning
  • Budget planning
  • Exhibitor manual management
  • AV Management
  • On-site management


  • UK production workshop
  • In house graphics output
  • In house CNC Spray shop
  • Stock structure hire
  • Furniture hire
  • Digital development & build

Logistics & Install

  • Dedicated transport fleet
  • International logistics management
  • In house install teams
  • Onsite specialist trades
  • Logistics & Install
  • In house secure storage

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Exhibitions & Events. Indoors, Outdoors


In 2014 we built 273 stands across 4 continents. We cover everything from traditional exhibition stands at venues across the world,  to installations at live events in hotels and conference facilities. 01EX has experience building event experiences in empty spaces or within the interiors of venues and specialist environments, such as airside zones at airports and portable displays in stations and shopping outlets. Our teams have the procedural experiences of installing in these environments, as well as the necessary security clearances. We understand the U.S. union system and have built many stands in the far east.

We can also securely store your structure at our clean, dust free facility, ready for use at your next event. We are ESSA members ensuring that working with us, you are fully protected.

Shop Interior Design Show Room Design Rugby Box Interior Design Jaguar Show room Interior Design Interior Design

Showrooms – Offices – Museums


The attention to detail we deploy at event experiences has enabled us to diversity into creating bespoke showroom and office interiors for our clients. These vary from office reception areas to full showrooms and museum exhibit displays.

The showcase principles are always discussed in detail as the format for presentation often differs at a fixed location versus a temporary event or exhibition.

Wedding Show Sept 2011 Retail POS Cosmetic Retail POS Prada Retail Display Design & Build

Retail Displays and POS


The retail environment has changed tremendously over the last few years thanks to new ways to purchase online and on mobile. This has made the retail environment a more important touch point, allowing consumers to physically engage with products they have already researched online. Brand experience, merchandising, product storytelling and informative point of sale have never been so important. Our team have worked on delivering international rollouts of POS and Shop in Shop’s for both brands and retailers, often working with specialist retail design agencies, in order to bring their creative visions to physical life.


Communicating concepts through an event experience


Creating an amazing physical experience when you don't sell physical products.

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Communicating concepts through an event experience

A few times each year online clients will venture into representing themselves physically at an event, exhibition or at retail. The way they present themselves, and their services are fundamental to their success. A excellent example of this was Google at the Science Museum in London back in 2012. They created ‘Web Lab’ that brought to life the extraordinary workings of the internet through a series of interactive exhibits.


The five zones included Universal Orchestra, an internet-powered eight-piece robotic orchestra; Sketchbots, where custom-built robots take photographs of users and then sketch them in sand; Data Tracer, which maps where the world’s online information is physically stored; Teleporter, which uses web-enabled periscopes to view pre-determined locations around the world; and Lab Tag Explorer, which shows where exhibition visotrs, both online and in the gallery, are from and what they have in common.


Each Web Lab experiment used a modern web technology to explore a particular idea in computer science. The exhibit was created to inspire children to find out more about the power of the web.




Many of our own clients exhibit where no physical products are available, instead we use storytelling and technology in order to educate or entertain visitors. Its vital that all exhibitors have informative stimulus in order to take away value from their visit, after all without adding value in some way you cant sell.


If you are looking for a creative approach to communications across your events, exhibitions, retail or showrooms come and say

Brand Experience


Make your next event a brand experience thats engaging, informative and educational.

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Brand Experience

When it comes to designing a trade exhibition stand, any good designer will always ask questions centred around the purpose of exhibiting and who the exhibitor wants to attract. There are all sorts of reasons for exhibiting however there are usually 3 core visitor types who will visit any show:


Existing customers


Competitors looking to see what you are up to


A company’s physical presence says so much about the business. How big is their stand? What does the stand look like, (was it designed and built on a budget or did they go overboard with expense)? Does the company look professional and organised? Have they considered the different types of customers? Is the stand busy or quite and if so (either way) why? What is the waiting experience like? Are visitors all looking down at their phones when they are on the stand or is there enough stimulating content that is entertaining or educating? There are so many scenarios that should be considered and all of these makes the “Brand Experience” good or bad.


Hospitality is very important, gone are the days where business was always done half drunk at the stands bar, people are generally much more professional during show hours, leaving client entertainment to the evening. This is a good thing, it does not mean you cant offer alcoholic refreshments, it just needs to be done in an appropriate way. A crowd pleaser and a better option is really good coffee, giving this away encourages people to come onto the stand and take a moment. The perfect opportunity to engage with visitors and explore how your business could help them.


Brochures are also an interesting point, never just give them away on your exhibition stand, worse still don’t employ a pretty representative to hand them as people walk by. What you are actually saying by doing this is; “Don’t stop by here, read this later… maybe…” It’s a wasted opportunity and a waste of money as any good brochure will have taken hundreds of man hours to produce along with printing, shipping costs. Brochures should be given away as a supplement to a conversation where validation has been given by a company representative.


Are you looking for an intelligent approach to your Brand Experience at an event, exhibition in retail or your showroom? If so come and say

Intelligent Design: A bespoke modular approach

Bespoke Modular Exhibition Design

How to create a bespoke modular exhibition stand.

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Intelligent Design: A bespoke modular approach

The visual noise in any exhibition hall can be overwhelming, we see exhibition structures of all sizes and shapes, some imposing with two story’s and others with blistering bright lights. The aim is always to ensure you are seen and this can be achieved with effective use of colour and graphics in small spaces like shell schemes too.


As a company that designs and builds bespoke exhibition stands we always ask clients what their longer term strategy is with a stand, this way we can ensure we design and develop it to meet future needs. A very successful approach we have used with many clients is creating a bespoke exhibition structure that has the flexibility to act in a modular way and be updated using graphics or re-lamination.

We did this for Mind Candy creating 2 very different looks using the same structure. We updated the graphics, the overall colour way and re-laminated the surfaces. The cost savings of re-installing an updated version of the existing stand was substantial. The pictures below show how successful this approach can be.

We did this for Mind Candy creating 2 very different looks using the same structure. We updated the graphics, the overall colour way and re-laminated the surfaces. The cost savings of re-installing an updated version of the existing stand was substantial. The pictures below show how successful this approach can be.


01ex bespoke exhibition stand Mind Candy 2


If you are looking for an intelligent approach to exhibition stand design and build that maximises your return on investment then come and say

How to find the best exhibition stand build partner


Looking for a new design and build partner? We help with some handy tips.

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How to find the best exhibition stand build partner

Event managers will tell you that preparing for an exhibition is stressful, you have to deal with stakeholders at the business, show organisers, design agencies and stand builders to name a few.


The design and build element should be the easy part, if you have a great partner. In this post we want to publish a few points that will help make things easier when it comes to choosing an exhibition stand design and build company.


Exhibition stand designers will perform miracles if marketers invest time in not just briefing, but ensuring the event strategy is developed in collaboration with the designers and stand builders. Designers may want ‘skyhooks’, however it’s the stand builders job to be creative in the production process. Nothing is impossible; it’s a simple case of a creative build approach, illusions and budgets.


Need a cantilevered structure or one that appears like it’s floating? Not a problem, its possible – just look at how Audi has achieved these “impossible” feats at their Consumer Electronics Show booth in Las Vegas.

Audi exhibition stand at CES 2014 audices3

So how do you know which stand design and build company to work with? Who will go above and beyond the expected and make your life less stressful as a marketing or event manager? The first steps should always be to see how a particular stand builder or company is presenting themselves online. There are no excuses in today’s digital and social world where companies can’t share what is happening behind the scenes, giving a glimpse into their facilities and equipment. Look out for the size of their workshops. How organised do they look? What equipment do they have in-house? Have they got a CNC machine, a spray paint booth? Do they have a well-organised onsite storage facility? Have they produced many small or big stands? Can they handle a double decker? Who trusts them, which clients have they designed and built work for?


There is a lot of valuable information online and across social media, many good contractors will have been vetted by previous clients, and in many cases will have been through a procurement process. These are all good and reassuring signs that you have a potential partner who is more than capable and someone you can trust.


Once you have done some homework, meet the company by visiting them or at least invite them to see you. They could be the best company on paper however if there is no chemistry then it’s not going to be a collaborative process. Look beyond credential presentations when you do meet and explore if your potential partner has a design or work flow approach? Do they have design logic or are they random in their approach to projects? What will you expect to see at presentation stage? Will it be a creative narrative, hand sketches or 3D rendered visuals? Note there is not a “one size fits all” approach to this, you need to understand what you are expecting to see and get clarity and reassurance that’s what will be delivered.


From the presentation expect more than just subjective visuals. How did the company conceptualise their design proposal? What mechanisms have they used to explain the design? Have they provided an idea of costings and did they produce a project plan?


Remember in some cases you may not initially love a design but your personalities connected, and you have trust in the companies approach. This is more important than design alone. In these cases we always aski the designers to work on an alterative concept or refine the existing one, after all it’s the overall package and relationship you should be investing in. and not selecting a design and build exhibition company on design alone.


For more information on how we think, approach projects and tackle creative and build challenges come and say hello here:



01EX at BDIA Dental Showcase 2015


A quick look at BDIA Dental Showcase at the NEC, Birmingham

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01EX at BDIA Dental Showcase 2015

01EX visited the BDIA Dental Showcase at Birmingham’s NEC last week where we built a number of stands. For such a small exhibition that takes place in one hall only, the majority of stands were bespoke. Where modular stands or a system was used, they was very well designed and treated with effective large format graphics. Each stand varied in size and style, it’s great to see so many companies really investing in their presence at the show.


Naturally Colgate, Denplan and Oral B / Philips had the biggest stands. Colgate had some nice features such as a build your own poster area. The interactive nature encouraged visitors to dwell for longer and the result was that they had the best buzz on the stand.


Looking at the general architecture of the stand designs we feel they could have been more sensory, and we were surprised that no one really had a cool looking lab on the show floor. Creating a design statement with the look and feel of a ultra modern lab would have created a talking point along with being very different and visually disruptive over all other exhibition stands.


Here are a few photos from the day.


2015-10-26 05.57.53-144 2015-10-26 05.57.53-128

2015-10-26 05.57.53-148 2015-10-26 05.57.53-140


If you are looking for fresh creative thinking that will not only create attraction at an exhibition or event, but become the “go-to stand at a show”, talk to us about exhibition stand design. We also consult with brands on show strategy, product communications, display and merchandising principles. We ensure cost effective exhibition stand build solutions, thanks to our extensive in house build capabilities. We help brands manage all aspects of their stands, making the process simple and effortless.


Come and say Hello:


Get the most of your exhibition


We look at some best practice points to ensure you get the most out of your exhibition.

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Get the most of your exhibition

Making the most of your exhibition requires two key things

Attracting visitors to your stand or booth

Give visitors the best experience

Getting this right will lead to new contacts, sales and the viral effects of word of mouth, especially through digital amplification.

So few companies get this right. Just visit any exhibition hall around the world and you will see the same looking big boring stands.

So how can exhibition managers or brand marketers get this right?

Firstly don’t leave the job of getting the exhibition designed and built to a junior marketing manager. Engaging personally with your audience should be one of the most important interactions you have as a business, especially when you are launching a new product or service and most likely spending a considerable amount of the marketing budget on the stand and show itself.

Think about who you want to invite to tender for your business and limit it to three companies who have been researched. There is no excuse in inviting ten companies with the view that some will drop out, some just wont be right and maybe there is one amongst them who will be ok. We see this too often, the results are always compromised because the person running the project simply does not have time to properly brief all of them.

Always meet your exhibition partner and brief them in person. It could be a design only agency or an exhibition design and build contractor whichever route you choose meeting the people who you are putting faith in is vital. It may seem like an odd point to mention but some exhibitors just want the job done and see it as a task and not I vital channel to engage with customers.


Once you have selected a partner their job is to understand your company and competitors. So how do they go about designing something that will attract visitors to your stand?


Create appropriate disruptive structures. An exhibition stand does not have to big or tall. You could use light in a creative way or play around for form and surface texture. Just think about the opposite of 99% of stands you typically see. Visitors will walk over out of intrigue; they will want to take a photo – encourage this and link it to a social media hashtag so that your stand is being amplified beyond the show floor.

Engage and entertain your visitors – It could be a piece of visual theatre or an entertainment mechanism such as a game. Think about how to retain and extend the amount of time someone is on the stand for. The secret here is the ‘waiting experience’ should be self fulfilling. You want people to hang around without getting bored or frustrated that all stand representatives are busy. Don’t worry that people will outstay their welcome, they will always naturally move on once they have been delighted with their experience.


Creating a hands on workshops and seminars is a great way of giving customers more information than they would otherwise get. If it’s a public show always create something for children to do. The more they are entertained with


Use technology but appropriately. A cool gadget can draw people onto the stand. A virtual reality headset like Oculus Rift is brilliant as most people have not experienced it and when they do, they will tell everyone about it!


Be hospitable

There is no ‘one size fits all’ way to do this, nstead it’s best to combine a few options. Branded water bottles are a great idea (make sure you have your stand number and location details on it)

Here are a few other good ideas we have used:


Coffee –It may sound obvious, but it does work it gets people onto the stand, even better if you have a lounge type area where they can sit.

Mobile phone charge station. People will flock to it and will sit for 10-15 mins, the perfect opportunity to talk to people. You can always limit the time here if you get too busy.

Snacks –Don’t put a bowl of peanuts or crisps on the stand. Its dirty and people will simply dip in and keep walking. Instead have a host handing branded chocolates or snacks (ideally from inside the stand).


Always following up

A personalised message is the best way to do this. Visitors will feel appreciated and more likely to remember you as well as telling others. Its best to create groups from analysing who visited and target specific messages at them. Don’t just send one blanket email out, the same message will not apply to the diversity of people who visited your stand.

Exhibitions, events, pop-ups at retail and other brand experiences are becoming more important than ever in the digital world. It’s the one opportunity your company had to be personal with your customers, advocates and followers. Treat them well, give them special priviages for visiting you in the form of discounts and watch the positive word spread!

01EX invests time in understanding your company and competitive landscape. We do so much more than simply design and build attractive stands. We want to ensure you are getting the most from your overall investment. Come and say hello to us on any of our social channels or

Disruptive Exhibitions: Designs that make us stop and look

Moo all white sprayed interior photo at Multiplex

We at exhibition stands that really do stand out!

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Disruptive Exhibitions: Designs that make us stop and look

Exhibitions are exciting (or should be). They are the perfect marketing channel to let your audience touch and experience your products. They allow personal interface with people behind the products, reinforcing any sales information on display, and of course being part of a show or exhibition, exposes exhibitors to competitor activity and insights from the industry.


Our job as exhibition stand designers is not to simply put together a design and hope it’s liked by our prospective clients, but its to understand what is the reason for exhibiting. It surprises me to hear companies say this, “We have always exhibited because all of our competition are exhibiting”. A dose of FOMO is not a good reason to be at a show. We find those companies that say this will usually be very traditional in their approach and will have used the same designers or build contractors for years.


Thanks to digital and creative online marketing activities we are seeing innovate and disruptive approaches to traditional ways of doing things. Trade shows on the other hand have been painfully slow to catch onto this, which means those willing to break conventions will stand out. In this post we have share some examples of some really inspiring stands, the type that stop you in your tracks and make you look.


LG Hausys stand designed to present new products and ideas based on HI-MACS® acrylic stone at the world’s leading trade fairs for architecture, materials and systems. Designed in collaboration with Coast Office Architecture in Stuttgart, Germany.




Shade, Meat & Wine in Poltava, Ukraine. The use of simple and inexpensive stacked boxes that have well designed graphics creates texture and warmth. The branding lives inside the design and compliments the creative approach. We love the use of lighting to.




Audi has the best creative and architectural minds behind their exhibitions stands. This is an image of their 2014 stand at the Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas. Called ‘The Secret Lab’ the stand was made up of 33,000 triangular lenticular tiles that gives an impression of movement. The stand was equally impressive internally with the blistering white light.


Audi Secret Lab CES


The Moo stand at Tom Dixon’s Multiplex at Selfridges, London (part of London Design Festival) was a brilliant piece of theatre. The design was a simple white room, dressed with all white furniture, visitors coloured the space using water pistols filled with paint, an engaging way to express what Moo do best, printing in colour.


Moo all white sprayed interior photo at Multiplex


If you are looking for creative design solutions for your next exhibition stand, get in touch to see how we can help you stand out:

Events at London Design Festival 2015

London Design Festival poster image

We visited and explored the London Design Festival this year, read about what caught our attention.

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Events at London Design Festival 2015


The London Design Festival (LDF) is one of the largest and most innovative design festivals on the planet. It celebrates local, national and international design and creative expression. It spans across almost every conceivable venue type and district across London, covering 300 events and installations from its 250 partners. The festival features exhibitions, retail, design lectures, workshops, collaborations, music, food and parties. There is so much to be inspired by if you are prepared to walk the streets on route from one show to the next. This year we had the pleasure of building the Caesarstone space inside the Superbrands Tent at the Truman Brewery building in East London, an amazing venue for the ultra clean cut stand.

Caesarstone exhibition stand

LDF binds creativity in so many ways from pure product design to the use of mix media both traditional and digital. It takes visitors through experiences, telling sensory stories and provoking emotions. It would be easy to write a book on LDF each year, however I will keep focus on 3 subjects: The use of social media, The evolution of the department store and Luxury storytelling.


Social Media was used in many experimental ways across the festival, however “Powered by Tweets” a digital art exhibition at Somerset House was particularity interesting. It showcases the winners of a competition that the London Design Festival created in conjunction with Twitter UK. The challenge was to come up with ideas that either solves a problem using Twitter or creates something beautiful using Twitter data. There were six winners that included Pigeon Air Patrol by Pierre Duquesnoy and Matt Daniels, where pigeons were equipped with pollution monitors, (a kind of wearable pet-tech device) that enabled real time reporting on air quality from cities around the world.

Visual of twitter data from pigeon patrol

Adeola Akande and Eloise Parfitt from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust created Social Mindscape, an interactive visual mindscape for caner patients receiving chemotherapy to sooth and relax. Patients would tweet words such as ‘flower’ or ‘water’ and then images associated with the most popular words would be projected onto a ceiling installation to reflect the collective mood in real time.


All six winners where brilliant, creating engaging exhibits. Find out more about the competition and the winners on the Powered by Tweets website.


The evolution of the department store can be seen across many retailers in London and other UK cities, however Tom Dixon and Wallpaper Magazine presented Multiplex at the Old Selfridges Hotel, a disused part of the Selfridges building on Oxford Street. The project explores the concept of “The department store of tomorrow” and featured thirty brands made up of beauty, fashion, design, interiors, food, technology and film. The space feels like an exhibition however everything inside the immersive, multi-sensory store is for sale. I was struck by how incredible the architecture feels, it’s a million miles from the slick halls inside a traditional department store, its more of a master class in experiential retail curation that explores the future of retail and how it might look, sound, smell, taste and feel.

Tom Dixons Multiplex interior photo

Creativity was a central theme and featured companies like, a online service for inventors who need support in bringing their ideas to life. The service covers everything from prototyping, mass production and marketing their ideas in exchange for royalties.


Moo a London based printer who specialise in creative business cards presented a, simple and fun space. Their concession was a static all white interior, furnished with tables, chairs and mannequins. Each guest is presented with a water pistol loaded with coloured ink, you are invited to shoot any part of the display, bringing the all white interior to life in colour. This engaging visual metaphor brings to life what Moo offer – services to help best express yourself through traditional print. Moo also now offer NCF enabled business cards, a lovely static/digital product.

Moo all white sprayed interior photo at Multiplex

Naturally Tom Dixon’s own beautiful space at the heart of the store delivers a sensory experience through the use of light, smell and touch. Tom Dixon (with the help of Apple) actually relocated his Notting Hill studio into Multiplex for the duration of the project, an initiative that puts himself and the team at the intersection of everything creative.


Another excellent example of a sensory retail experience was The Horticultural Spa by Loop.PH. The pneumatic bubble structure is a concession that resembles a designer greenhouse, it invites visitors to walk through a cocoon of fragrant, medicinal fog provided Haeckels a natural fragrance and skin care brand.


The refreshments were equally unique, Danish company Sort of Coal offered many cleansing and wellbeing products including Japanese coal filtered water, which turns ordinary tap water into mineral water. The concept behind Multiplex’s restaurant was all about massive choice, dubbed the “take-away/take-in restaurant’ dinners can order from anyone of fifty restaurants within a two mile radius of the store and have their food delivered by Deliveroo to the stylish Multiplex dining space. A brilliant example of how digital could disrupt how we eat and buy food.


Luxury storytelling was brought to audiences in a high tech way by Louis Vuitton at their Series 3 Exhibition. The thirteen-room immersive exhibition is a creative experiment clearly aimed at showcasing that traditional craft and high technology compliment each other. Fans of the brand will have appreciated the huge geodesic dome in the first room, a nice link from creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s AW15 runway show. Artisans assembling Dora and La Petite Malle bags where in another room, in a make shift atelier where digital microscopes amplified the delicate assembly process. The exhibit that felt most informative and entertaining was a giant LED tablet screen that used mixed digital media and laser light that communicated seamlessly together showing how patters for both bags and shoes are cut with precision and then assembled. The exhibition varied in pace, taking visitors from dark rooms into ones that varied in height to stations where visitors could sit as if they were are a sewing machine whilst being shown an artisans view of how individual processes are carried out. The exhibition evoked every sense, (with the exception of smell) and as you leave one room for another, you enter with anticipation and in most cases surprise and ultimately delight.


Some argue was the exhibition art or commerce? I feel it was both, but the genius element was that it added value by being connected to all other channels, making the journey seamless for both existing customers and those that aspire to the brand and its pieces.

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We are always happy to receive applications for experienced exhibition / bench joiners, decorators and warehouse operatives, who are responsible, hardworking, dedicated, able to work on your own initiative and willing to work across the UK and in Europe.

Experience in exhibitions and interiors is a required, as is the ability to build from plans/technical drawings and oversee the build through to installation on-site.

Positions are ideally full time, but we are flexible if you wish for a shorter term placement.  Working hours included evenings and weekends and pay is by the hour.


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